80/20 workstation

Build your lean, customized workspace with 80/20 T-slot profiles, panels, parts and accessories. Our wide variety of products means you can create work areas for the home or office that accommodate your people and your processes. T-slot profiles and parts are also modular to allow for expansion and change down the road.

Station Customization

80/20 offers a wide range of products and accessories, which means you get the best workstation to accommodate your specific application. Integrate bins for storage and organization or add casters to make your station mobile!

Create a workstation that can be adjusted up or down and use paneling to hold all your tools in their own spot. The T-slot allows you to incorporate computer systems or even create a pressure manifold.

This means a single hose can pressurize an entire frame, allowing you to add your tools wherever they are most convenient for your processes. Decrease the inherent risk involved with hanging hoses and tubes while also saving time and money on reduced maintenance.

80/20 workstations create organization, adaptability and an efficient, clean, clutter-free environment.

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